Wine Tourism

Discover our unique winery tour in Shanxi, China. From enjoying the local specialty markets to visiting the famous Loess Plateau, be immersed in the authentic scenery and tranquil beauty of our winery in Taigu.

EYAN, our fine dining restaurant

Enjoy the special food and wine pairing experience at “EYAN,” located in the “SanfangQixiang” (Three Lanes and Seven Alleys), the heart of downtown Fuzhou. An ancient residential building has been transformed into our upmarket fine dining restaurant. Share our philosophy on food and wine pairing with family and friends.

Shop Online

Grace Vineyard has gone online to bring our designated wine shops to our valued customers with just a click away.

Anti-Counterfeit Labels

We are committed to protecting our valued customers from counterfeiting. Our security labels are designed not only to enable customers to distinguish our genuine products from other products quickly and easily, but also provide up-to-date product information by scanning the QR code.