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Premium Chardonnay

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Premium Chardonnay 2019


Vineyard Region : Shanxi

Grape Variety : 100% Chardonnay

Length/Type of Fermentation : 

Whole cluster pressed & Cold fermentation in stainless steel tank without MLF. The wine spend on fine lees for over 4 months with constant stirring to achieve flavour roundness.

Length/Type of Aging : Unwooded.


Tasting Note : 

Pale yellow in color with green tint. Lifted grapefruits, notes of lime, cashew & white peach. The palate is soft, fined layered with lemony texture.




“Grace Vineyard Premium Series” consists of single grape variety wine as well as blended wine that are full in flavor and offer mouth-coating richness. Primarily using fruits from the most recent harvest. All of which with a relatively more complex texture than our Vineyard Series, these wines are smooth to the palate, great for everyday use or with meals.



Grace Vineyard Premium Chardonnay 2019, Bronze Award Winner of the HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL WINE & SPIRIT COMPETITION 2021.




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