Tasya's Reserve Marselan
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Tasya's Reserve Marselan

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Tasya's Reserve Marselan 2019


Vineyard Region : Shanxi

Grape Variety : 100% Marselan

Length/Type of Fermentation : 

Fermented in Stainless steel tanks follow by MLF in Neutral barrel. 

Length/Type of Aging : 

30% New French oak barrels aging for 15 months. The wines were carefully rack & lightly filter prior to bottling to maintained the full flavor profile. 

Alc : 15.0%vol

Tasting Note : 

Dark red with crimson hue.
Blue & black fruits dominate on the nose with hints of pepper spice. 
The palate are rich, thanks to the unusual warm-ish & dry year of 2019 harvest in Shanxi. 
The tannin stay fine and balance with great amount of natural acidity. Persistence finish.



Naming the series after his first granddaughter, Anastasya, our founder Mr. Chun-Keung Chan expressed his aspiration and commitment that his successors would continue to improve on this series of wine for years to come. We intentionally make this series into all single-varietal wines, in order to express the character of each grape planted in our various vineyards in China.

A French variety and crossbred of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. Marselan has beautiful colour, nice cherry note with harmonious tannin. Planted back in 2006 in our Shanxi vineyard. 13417 bottles were made from 2018 harvest.


Awards (Grace Vineyard Tasya's Reserve Marselan) : 

London Wine Competition 2022 - Silver Medal.

Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2017 - Platinum Best in Show medal for Best Red Single-Varietal.

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition 2016 - Gold Medal.

Rvf Chinese Wine Awards 2015 - Silver Medal, Best Value for Money.




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