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An Unprecedented and Unparalleled Encounter


Exploring Shanxi's Northern Qi murals dating back to before 1600.

Experience one of the World's top 100 vineyards.


Shanxi, a province located in northern China,boasts a long history and rich cultural heritage.

From the Three Jin States during the Spring and Autumn Period to the commercial prosperity of the Ming and Qing dynasties,

Shanxi has consistently played a crucial role in the historical tapestry of China.


As a non-traditional and non-core wine-producing region,

Grace Vineyard has become a world-class excellent symbol in Shanxi.


Standing at the end of the Loess Plateau,

gazing at the undulating mountains,

and listening to the ancient Buddhist chants -  

Shanxi - a place that conceals endless historical secrets and natural wonders.


Time seems to favor the land of Shanxi, leaving behind many traces of its passage here. ...

Let's step into Shanxi together, opening the book that records its history.


Day One

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport - The Mansion of the Chang's – Grace Vineyard

Before 11:00 AM - Arrive at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport/Taiyuan South Station


12:00 - Lunch

Recommendation: Shanxi Guild Hall

Address: West side of Impressions City, Anning Street, Yuci District, Jinzhong City

Listen to the stories of Shanxi while enjoying its delicious cuisine.

Recommended specialties: Yanfu Boutique Mixed Dish, Sweet and Sour Yellow River Carp, Kang Family Coarse Grain Breaded Chicken, Fenjiu Flame Potatoes


Shanxi Guild Hall – The Mansion of the Chang's (25 km, approximately 30 minutes by car)

Visit “The Mansion of the Chang's” (approximately 2 hours for the tour).

The Mansion of the Chang's is the largest Jin merchant courtyard in China, renowned as “The First Family of Confucian Merchants in China."


The Mansion of the Chang's – Grace Vineyard (16 km, approximately 30 minutes by car)


Check-in at Grace Vineyard.


Explore and learn about the story of Grace Vineyard's, visit the wine production workshop, underground cellar, and the Chinese Boutique Winery Museum. Gain insights into the brand history of Grace Vineyard, delve into the craft and process of winemaking, discover the rich aroma from French oak forests, and understand the role of oak barrels in the fermentation and storage of red wine.


Taste the distinctive dishes of Taigu. With meticulously chosen ingredients, most seasonal vegetables come from local villages in Taigu. The flavor profile is based on authentic Taigu farmhouse dishes with improvements for a healthier option—less oil and less salt. Tailoring to the diverse flavors of our dishes, we thoughtfully pair an array of wines from Grace Vineyard and take pleasure in presenting insights into the art of wine pairing for your culinary delight.


Day Two

Grace Vineyard

Visit the vineyard and the Highland Grand Canyon.




The Highland Grand Canyon and The Vineyard

Visit the national intangible cultural heritage - "Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar Garden."


Lunch recommendation: Da Lu Noodles, Yang Zha Ge.


Check-in a hotel in Taiyuan.

Dinner suggestion: Xinghua Tang (2nd Floor, Block B, Shanxi International Financial Center, South Zhonghuan Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan)


Experience classic home-style dishes and appreciate Jin merchant culture.

Specialty dish recommendations: Master Wang's Pig Head Meat, 6-Degree Aged Vinegar Flaming Beef, Rose Fenjiu Braised Potatoes, Gold Award Lanterns, Slightly Plum, Bubble Oil Cake.


Day Three


Visit the Taiyuan Northern Qi Mural Museum and explore the ancient Shanxi tomb murals.

Other suggestions: Shanxi Museum, Jinci Temple.



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