Vintage Report 2011

Spring was good to us this year with a normal weather pattern which saw the soil temperatures reach an average of 10 C for bud burst in mid April. The vines accelerated smoothly towards flowering at

Vintage Report 2010

The first was in November 2009 when an unseasonal snow made effective vine burying impossible in many parts of the vineyard. The burying soil insulates the vines during winter when temperatures can r

Vintage Report 2012

2012 was a very good year for our vines. Although spring was a little cool and the vines were slow to begin active growth, the weather in April and May was warm allowing growth to accelerate rapidly.

Vintage Report 2013

We began the season as usual, by unearthing our vines after their long underground dormancy. This is a tedious job which the farmers carry out using nothing but a shovel. Considering the earth mound

Vintage Report 2014

A slightly warmer average temperature (14.2 C) and 30.0 mm of rain saw our vines off to a flying start. Strong growth continued into May and June when flowering took place in ideal conditions.

Vintage Report 2015

2015 has been an interesting year for our vines. It started slow, followed by several pressures from the nature but ends up with good results.

Vintage Report 2016

A good amount of winter & spring rain provided a good subsoil moisture to set the vineyard ready for 2016. Warmer than usual April temperature encouraged strong start in (bud burst). We went through

Vintage Report 2017

2017 was a year of mixed feelings for us. It was a happy year as we have celebrated our 20th anniversary, at the same time we were happy that we have “survived” another decade in the wine industry. On

Vintage Report 2018

2018, 2 decades in wine growing may means nothing in most of the winemaking regions in the world. But for us at Grace Vineyard, it simply means we have achieved another milestone, in a sense that we h

Vintage Report 2019

The revolution in winemaking & viticulturing has evolved with time over the last few decades, from modernize winemaking moving backward to a more traditional / natural approach; commercial vineyards a

Vintage Report 2020

Winemaking is a complex process involved hundreds, even thousands of decision making right from the vineyard. Once the grape cluster are off vines, the style of wine are pretty much “fixed”, there are

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