Beyond Cabernet: Grace Vineyard to release Marselan, Aglianico and more

One criticism about better local wines — and we are thankfully at the point where many people realize China can produce good stuff — is that the collective bottle is heavily tilted toward Cabernet. It

Determination and Nature in Shanxi : the Grace Vineyard Lesson

Great wines are as much the result of man’s determination as they are of Nature and I’ll tell you a story to prove it. In the Shanxi Province of China, there lived a man who became very rich from trad

Fine Wine and Caviar—Made in China?

ON A RARE CLEAR DAY, Grace Vineyard, 310 miles southwest of Beijing, might be mistaken for a winery in Tuscany. The balcony of the Italianate mansion overlooks lush rows of grapevines stretching to th

From zero to Lafite, China misses its 'gateway wine'

Every wine lover has a story of the first sip that drew them in. More often than not, it was not a glass a highly complex and expensive Bordeaux. It was likely an unsophisticated yet tantalizing bottl

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