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Grace Vineyard

Shanxi, China


When Chun-Keung Chan founded Grace Vineyard in 1997, he and his family knew little about wine. 

Five years later, at the age of just 24, his daughter Judy, a teetotaller, assumed control.


While better known for local drinks such as huangjiu and baijiu, China has produced grape-based wines for millennia.

In recent years, the Middle Kingdom has imported increasing amounts of wine, particularly from France. 


Situated in the Taigu district of Shanxi province, Grace Vineyard is seeking to build upon the ancient Chinese tradition of domestic winemaking, 

principally growing the Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties in the sandy soil of its main vineyard.

In 2023, it was included in William Reed Media's 2023 Worlds Best Vineyards list.


Judy Chan's passion has since taken the vineyard from strength to strength.

Its signature wine is named Deep Blue to symbolize her voyage of discovery and the seemingly oceanic challenges she faced.

Today, Judy is keen to share the product with a wider clientele both inside China and with the wider world.

Eventually, she would like her children to succeed her: the winery's sparkling Chardonnay is named after her daughter Angelina.



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