Vintage Report 2001

2001 was our first vintage at Grace Vineyard. Although we experienced minor frost in early April, we were not concerned because we knew that young vines would perform better with a lighter crop.

Vintage Report 2002

2002 began with an exceptionally warm spring. Temperatures, which reached the mid twenties towards the end onof March, hastened budburst by around two weeks.

Vintage Report 2003

“Cherished by nature, blossomed by virtue” is the best term to describe 2003 Grace Vineyard vintage.

Vintage Report 2004

At the beginning of April, we unearthed and woke up the vines after a long cold winter. By mid to late April, the vines started to sprout and the leaves to grow. This marked the beginning of another b

Vintage Report 2005

2005 was a year of change for Grace Vineyard. With our 7 years of experience of managing the vineyard with local growers, we implemented several new initiatives. These included an Incentive Program th

Vintage Report 2006

2006 will be remembered at Grace Vineyard, as the year of the great frost. On April 11th a mass of cold air swept over the vineyard leaving 200mm of snow. The – 4.5 degree freeze blackened many of the

Vintage Report 2007

We managed to avoid the frost problems of last year and were please to find that there were no carry over effect to this yearsyear’s fruiting buds.

Vintage Report 2008

Year 2008 was one the driest on record in the Taigu area of Shanxi Province. Only 220 mm of rain fell between June and October. Combined with slightly above temperatures it was an ideal growing seas

Vintage Report 2009

Vine dormancy is a cold, cold period in Shanxi Province and no doubt our vines were pleased to feel some sunshine and warmth when we unearthed them in April. Winters at Grace Vineyard include tempera

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