Vintage Report 2007



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We managed to avoid the frost problems of last year and were please to find that there were no carry over effect to this yearsyear’s fruiting buds.


In fact by May when flowering had finished we could see that we were heading towards one of our more prolific yielding years.  The warm beginning to the year meant that flowering took place over a shorter period of time.  This promotes even ripeness during the final stages of grape sugar accumulation.


In the latter stages of the year, cooler weather prevailed with August rain timely for filling out bunches.


Then, fine, warm weather saw us through to August 28th, our ten year anniversary celebration, when more rain arrived and continued for several days.


We began picking slightly later than normal with Chardonnay at one of the highest sugar levels we have recorded.Chenin Blanc also looks good this year.


Harvest of red wines began with Merlot at the end of September.  Due to our better understanding of Merlot management, growth in these vines was much better this year and contributing to some excellent flavours.


However the rain returned for another 15 days and caused some deterioration of the red berries.  Picking continued with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.


In anticipation of years such as this we have installed a comprehensive program for bunch sorting.  Firstly we ask the farmers to sort well from bad bunches in the vineyard and then pass the bunches along a conveyer belt lined with people who hand sort the fruit once again.


Despite our best efforts there were some mildewed berries among the clean ones.


With fermentation now finished we have assessed the wines and in keeping with our strict quality policy, have decided to release only Table and Premium wines for the 2007 vintage.


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