Our Journey

In 2002, Mr. C.K. Chan handed over the winery to his daughter, Judy. Judy pursued her education in the United States at young age. She responded to her father’s request and dedicated herself to the family business. Under her management, the winery was infused with new vitality and started a new chapter in its history.



The success story of Grace Vineyard was selected by Harvard Business School as a case study for their MBA program in 2008.

In 2012, Grace Vineyard developed a 1,000-acre vineyard in Ganchengzi, at the eastern foothills of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia.

In 2018, Grace Wine Holdings Limited went public in Hong Kong, completing the transformation from a family-controlled enterprise to a public listed company.

Today, Grace Wine Holdings owns Shanxi Grace Vineyard and Ningxia Grace Vineyard for grape cultivation and winemaking, as well as Fujian Dexi Winery for spirits production.



With over two decades of development, Grace Vineyard has become a well-acclaimed boutique winery in China, recognized as a benchmark brand among Chinese boutique wineries, dedicated to achieving sustainable development through time and action.



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