Bold enough to accept an underdog



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Cathay Pacific Airways made Deep Blue available to in-flight services in 2009 boldly. China’s vintages were never an option to world renowned airlines and notorious products made in China were the main concern. 
Despite the 2009 poisonous milk powder incident, Deep Blue appeared on the wine list of the airline. After that, I queried the responses and the employee concerned replied, “50% and 50%”. Actually, the comments might be all bad and she was too nice to tell me the truth. Most believed that the company aimed at cost-down by accepting China’s low-quality vintage. Some passengers complained to the cabin crew without delay.  
I failed to foresee such situation indeed. The premium quality of such vintage was secured, but I cannot blame those who fail to trust China’s wine. It is the bitter fruit of notorious China’s food with poisonous ingredients.
Also, the brand determines the fame. A man might find excuses for a vintage made by a renowned foreign winery that fails to please him. On the other side, it is impossible to accept a local vintage in such manners.
This is the way of the world. I shall accept the sin and guilt. Thus, I do respect and am thankful to those brave enough to accept our vintages. 

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